Cashpoint Car Title Loans – The Vehicle Appraisal Process

Cashpoint Car Title Loans offers an innovative solution to customers with short-term cash flow concerns. The company can provide cash advances to eligible customers through title loans, without the hassle of a credit check, provided that a car with a lien-free title is taken to a Cashpoint Car Title Loans office.

When you submit your car or truck for an appraisal, professionals assess your vehicle and value it according to a set of criteria. The appraisal will result in the determination of the vehicle’s fair market value. This sum of money may be used to secure a loan, or to negotiate the purchase or sale of your vehicle. During an appraisal, the exterior condition of your vehicle is assessed, including the paint, body work, fittings, bumpers, and tires. The interior will also be assessed, including carpets, upholstery, components and accessories, and safety fittings such as seat belts.

Finally, the mechanical condition will play a large role in determining your vehicle’s fair market value. To maximize the appraisal value, your engine should be in good condition, with no unusual noises, knocks, or backfiring. Additionally, fluid leakage should be minimal or non-existent. Lastly, the vehicle should drive, steer, and brake smoothly and efficiently.