Requirements to Apply for a Loan

Auto-FinanceCashPoint Car Title Loans offers a convenient and reliable way for individuals who own their vehicles outright, meaning with no liens, to obtain loans to pay off debts or meet short-term cash flow problems. From offices in Virginia, Delaware, and Kansas, the company serves residents of those and surrounding states.

Obtaining a loan from CashPoint requires that applicants first meet a few conditions. To begin with, they must be at least 18 years of age and they must possess a lien-free title. Applicants must also own a working phone (mobile or landline) and a valid driver’s license or equivalent. Upon applying for a loan, applicants must verify their residency using a recent utility or cellphone bill, rental agreement, or similar paperwork.

CashPoint does not require a credit history. In addition, applying for a title loan does not affect credit scores in most cases. To learn more about the process and to find a nearby location, log on to